Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Purpose Grocery Bag Finishes

Three Grocery Bags 2

Okay, Okay I know you all got to be sick of seeing these bags.
But I can not help it I am just to thrilled about having my own pattern!

Funny thing how just using up two layer cake squares can lead to something like this.
I love it!

I did figure out what I am going to do about the pattern issue.
I could write it up to sell but I am not really a buzzed about blog or designer.
So I talked it over with my hubby and decided that submitting it into a magazine might be the best first step.
Could not hurt.

I figure if it does not get accepted I will just write up the pattern to sell on my own.

Wish me some luck!

Ps. My hubby and I love how the teal one turned out!

Oh, I am joining up at Quilt Story today!

Fresh Poppy Design


Janine said...

I love these bags. They's really cheer up a trip to the supermarket :)

Sarah said...

Those look great!! I've thought about writing up patterns as well, but it really is tough to know where to start. Good luck with the submission!

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