Saturday, May 5, 2012

Plate it Up 2

Last week my husband had asked if I could bake up the white chocolate macadamian nut cookies that my mom had made for him.

Silly me, I forgot all the next day and so on that he had asked for me to bake them.

Mac Cookies 2

A few days ago my husband asked again,

and I remembered.

Luckily for me all I had to do was to remove the roll from the freezer and let them thaw out over night.

Yep, you're right icebox cookies.

My husband's birthday was last month and the only thing he wanted was white chocolate macadamian nut cookies, his favorite by the way.

My mom and I both made him a few batches and the only thing he had to do was buy the macadamia nuts.

I had to laugh when he came home from going to the grocery store. He was in such awe struck on how expensive the nuts were. Not to mention on how much groceries had gone up recently too.

Well, let me set the record straight.

The last time we/ he did any grocery shopping for this house was many moons ago. So he had no idea that when I kept hinting to raise the budge allowance on the groceries that it was because of prices going up.

Now he knows!

Let me set another thing straight.

I rarely use the word addicted but let me tell you I am.

I am addicted to home brewed iced coffee thanks to The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

iced coffee

I have seen Ree's blog around the blog sphere and I have read other quilting blogs that keep up with Ree.

I have to say that I have only caught one episode of the Pioneer Woman Cooks on Food Network.

Reminder: Have to beat the kids to the tv on Saturday mornings to see it.

I have to say that Ree's blog is rather refreshing to read. It is a nice change from reading about quilting and sewing.

I guess you can say its a healthy balance, which by the way I absolutely love this post that Ree has written and just wanted to share it Read it here! Basically she wrote what she has learned from blogging. One of my favorites would have to be, "Water your blog often!" Also, "Be yourself!" That one alone was the hardest for me due to fear of all the crazies out there and I am not talking about all the mental ones. I'm talking about hackers and so on. You know the folks who can do some real damage to your life. Yeah, them!

Back to the addicting iced coffee.

I did go about almost making it Ree's way but since I do not own any 8 quart pans. I opted out for making a pot and a half of coffee, a half of a can of sweetened condensed milk and creamer of choice.

The only thing I can say is so yum-o!
Not to mention so refreshing on these current hot days we have had lately.

IC vs. IT

Oh, in case you are wondering the other refreshing pitcher up there is green tea.

Now being a northern girl all my life except for two years, I have come to a custom to having my ice tea with no to very little sugar.

Where as some folks are a custom to drinking their sugar with very little tea.

It all depends on what you  prefer.

I rather prefer on how to finally prefect my ranch lime sauce to tell ya the truth.
Its just something that I have been working on for my southwest dishes like these enchiladas.
The first time I had made it it was honestly perfect.
Then I tried to spice and shake it up a bit and well, it did not go over to well with the family.


SO the next time that I make the ranch lime sauce I will just go back to the basics.
There were no other complaints about the rest of the enchiladas.

Except my husband who detests beans.

Other than that total love from everyone on them!

This next dish I have been curious about for the last four years.

It was a recipe that I had found in Better Homes and Garden Magazine and when I told my husband about it he was like; No thanks!

I have to say the reason why it took me four years to try this recipe out is because in this house we rarely eat hot dogs.

Yep, that right hot dogs.

But I had to do some thing with all the left over hot dogs from the Sew-In

hot dog bake

Okay, okay it s hot dog bake.

Basically it's a goulash with hot dogs.

I just add my usual wine, garlic, and onion mixture to the party.

My daughter says that's how she knows we are having a pasta dish for dinner is because of the smell of those three together.

Since it is starting to get hot around here chop salad has been added to the menu.

This here is just the beginning of a really good salad.

Lats see there is: Ham, red onion, green bell pepper, green onion, radishes, mushrooms, and hard boiled eggs.

chop salad start

Set aside was the romaine lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Best to cut up cucumbers and tomatoes, place them in a colander, sprinkle them with salt so that the juices drain out this way you will not have a soggy salad for dinner or for left overs.

Oh, raspberry vinaigrette and olive oil as a dressing.

Awe the furry kids getting along like two peas in a pod.
Two peas

You would not know it but moments before this picture they were pulling off some WWE/WWF moves in the living room.

Its a daily occurrence by the way.

At least the human kids behave themselves.

More quilting things to come, just had to share all the good eats we been having lately.


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Karen M said...

The food looks great, especially the cookies. You need to get those recipes added to your recipe page. Yum!

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