Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walk with me...

Small town USA 3

Take a walk with me if you virtually will!

I just have some thoughts weighing on my mind a little bit.

No, its nothing heavy they're just thoughts.

This past week in the gable house has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

On Tuesday my husband had to sit in a meeting with the other higher ups deciding who to cut from the workforce. It really ate at him when he got home that night. It was not something that he found fun to do. Nothing is worse than having to tell some one that they no longer have a job. A couple days later there was a plant meeting and everyone was told that there would be layoffs. People respectively panicked and those who worked under my husband kept asking him if they were on the list. He had to tell them that he could not tell them and as far as he knew he might be on the chopping block too. So here we are holding our breath so to speak. This coming Friday we will know for certain of his fate. Until then yikes!!!

Then though out this week I keep thinking that there is nothing planned on certain dates, and say yeah we're free that day then come to find out that we actually are not.

May 17th is an example all in its own.

My daughter has a band/choir concert, a Girl Scout meeting that she is supposed to help run. In the end I flubbed up big time saying that she was completely free of anything to do to her dad, and now my daughter is going off to Florida. So, the band and choir teachers are aware that my daughter will not be attending the concert. Her Girl Scout leader now knows that my daughter can not help out for the meeting. Yikes! This is not the only day that this is happening. Even though I have a big calender where everything is written down on that I race at the end of year to buy from Target, I still keep flubbing up! Sigh, I'm chalking it up and calling it the end of school year syndrome. Can not wait for June first to come around!

In other events:

My daughter had her second jr. high dance on Friday. From the sound of it she had a blast!This was a much different story than what she came home with earlier that day. It was lunch time and she had to use the restroom. While in the restroom a fight broke out. No my daughter was not involved, she just happen to be there. My daughter knows better than to start a fight. She knows I will get all Medea on her.

If you have no idea who Medea is rent some Tyler Perry movies.

However, I did tell her that she can fight back to defend herself but she had better not instigate a fight to defend herself.

The fight was between three girls. They were supposedly friends and the girl who was beaten up no longer wanted to hang around with the other two girls. She was tired of their mean antics and how they are treating the other kids in the class. Mind you that these are 10, 11, and 12 year old girls. The leader of the pack calls other girls in their class: fat, ugly, cow, whore, horse, and needless to say the list of names goes on. This part gets me what 10, 11,or 12 year old truly understands the word whore?! It has me wondering where is this girl's parents or guardians?

It has been pointed out by my daughter that this girl (the leader/bully) was the reason why one female student was pulled out of school and a few more girls will not be coming back next year because of the bully, which is a shame. 

When we were looking for houses to buy a few years ago. We were looking for a nice house in our price range that was out of reach of any violence, and our kids could be free to live with out any worries. My daughter's first year of school here she hated it here. Trust me I understood. Her biggest complaint was the behavioural issues among her new classmates. I have been on a few field trips and have seen these behavioural issues first hand. It makes me wonder why parents...gurrrr...will not well, be parents!!!! You all had these kids regardless if you wanted them or not; you had them. I know it comes down to that they do not want to be the "mean" parent. The parent who will have to lay down the rules and the laws of the household and stick with them! I have this same huge tug of war issue with my husband. That though, is a whole other story between my husband and I.

 Anyway our school system is supposed to have a zero tolerance bullying policy. Though it seems like it does not get enforced. I don't know about all of you but zero tolerance is zero tolerance. With all the awareness going around this country you would figure people would just get it. Would you believe that the girl that started this fight was allowed to attend the school dance that very night. I know where I graduated from if you were in/did anything out of line you were not allowed to attend any school functions regardless if you paid to attend or not.

Which reminds me that I do find this unjust and unfair that the school suspended a boy from my daughter's class for saying a rude and cruel comment. He realized right after he had said that it was wrong and apologize but still got suspended any way. Matter of fact he was forbidden to attend any school functions now that I think about it because he was on the academic team with my daughter. Yet, this bully girl gets to walk around free as a bird. Honestly I don't get it!

As for the girl who was beaten up she did not fight back for fear of what her father would do to her when she got home from school. I honestly that is why I was such an easy target in school too. I was so afraid that if I fought back I would get it worse when I got home too. I know my mom will disagree with me on this but... Yes, huh mom!

Then there is the girl who was pulled out of the school. She is being home school, and her mother has been very active on making the school district and other parents aware of this issue.

Only hope can prevail if the mother is successful, and I hope she will be!

If you all remember the other day I posted some questions. Well, they never did get answered. Yes, I am a bit disappointed! Only because I hear, see and read on how much of a community quilters are. I was hoping after the countless number of times that I had tweeted that post that some one who is in the big league would at least read it and be kind enough to at least answer some of them.

But no, no answers at all!

Ah, *Sigh!*

Anyway thanks for the walk.

Sorry I did not mean to vent that much!

Oh, by the way that photo was taken in Vermilion, Ohio.

In the old part of town on Liberty Avenue.

You can find a few more photos like this one on my flickr page in case you are interested.


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