Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break???

Nature 22

Regardless if I wanted it or not I am on spring break from quilting.

It just happen to come at a moment of finishing a quilt.

This week is my daughter's spring break from school and the first half of her break was spent with her dad's family. Now she is back home and is with us. Lucky kid!

While she was gone I, as you all know finished up my MBS project and then found myself board out of my gourd! Lol!

So what did I do?

I cleaned my house. No, I mean its clean!

So clean that Boo (our cat) ran into the window face first when she dived onto the window seat. Yep, I washed windows too! Eeek! Poor kitty!

By the time I finished cleaning my daughter returned from her dad's and I got the itch to sew again. Then I figured; You know what? It can wait until next week.

My daughter is on that teeter totter of yeah I want to still be around mom, but I know give it a few more years of that and she will be feed up with me and I will no longer be cool in her eyes. So I figured that I will take a spring break too and hang out with my baby girl this week.

Not only am I spending time with my daughter but we are celebrating too.

Get this with in a four day span starting today is my husband's birthday, my brother in law's birthday (hubby's little brother), my birthday, and finally Easter. You can only imagine its day one and I am all ready junk food out. I was going to make a chocolate Coca-Cola cake for my big day but I think I might just put it off. Who knows, I might just make it any way. Cup cakes though. They go faster in this house.

I guess, that I really wanted to say since Easter is this Sunday is Happy Easter! If you are on spring break I hope you are enjoying it and yes, I am actually enjoying mine.


Time to get back to life or I mean spring break!


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