Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Sew-In

This Saturday's Quilt Guild Sew-In has been planned to happen for months.

I am glad to say it went over smashingly well!


Unfortunately I was full of energy and tired at the same time.

Guess that is what happens when you go to bed at 2:00 am.


I was not prepared for my demo classes that I was going to teach.

I have to say that there were plenty of times that I had walked around this house board out of my mind wondering what to do next.

I should have known better!

But its a lesson learned!

Then there was the I was late getting to the Sew-In because I stubbornly did not want to leave the kitchen messy and have to look at dirty dishes when I got home. Even thought I was up in plenty of time to make it on time.

So there I am dressed sloppy because of the cold and rain. My hair is not done and if I knew I was going to have my picture taken I would have had some make up on too. But then again when getting house hold stuff done before leaving the house doesn't leave enough time for any of that. Unless I would have stayed up all night than yeah!

As for the Sew-In its self

I can say that we all learned a lot during the Sew-In but only a few members got to actually sew.

I had fun teaching

Learning needed techniques, more about my quilt guild members, more about myself and more about the community that I live in.

So if you will excuse me I better go before I face roll onto my keyboard for sleep deprivation.


Oh, I wanted to say thank you to those of you who sent your prayers my way. My husband still has a job! Phew...we made it through round one of layoff cuts!
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