Monday, April 2, 2012



In the middle of cooking dinner the other day, I took a moment to stop, pause to look out the back window and reflect on some of the things going on in my life. I also stopped to admire how nice our yard looked freshly cut too. But that's beside the point.

I started reflecting on where would I be if I did not live here in this house? Would I ever gotten in to quilting or designing for that fact?

Well, I could not tell you were else we would be living if we did not live here in this house. But I can tell you that if it were not for past events in my life I would still be working in a factory or I would have picked up some kind of cooking job in some restaurant some where. I would have never had the time to find quilting yet a lone hobby at all.

Then some other things popped into my head.

What will my daughter be like as the teen years take full steam?

Well, she has all ready shown her signs and let me tell ya she is going to be like me! In all honesty I am glad of it because I all ready know how to handle that one.

Then I got to thinking where will she decide to go to collage?

As any parent I would like to see her stick close by but I got a gut feeling that she will want to go to school near her dad's.

I also got to thinking about other things she might want to do and oh my, when is the first boyfriend going to be around? Along with some other teenage parental worries.

Then I got to reflecting on what my husband and I have been discussing lately.

I said to him that on the news April has been declared Autism month. He said that he had heard that. After discussing a few personal notes back and forth, I said to my husband; You know you can not always plan things. Despite what you may think, "HE" knows what "HE" is doing and "HE" gave you a son who can teach you and your ex-wife so much. I asked where would your ex-wife be right now if it were not for your son to keep her on her toes. Dead! My husband said. Oddly, I happen to agree on this one! 

Then the timer went off.

 Despite the fact that my step son has autism he is one awesome kid. He is very happy go lucky. Plus he is always laughing and giggling. So much so that it gets a bit unnerving. I am glad to say since I first met him he has grown so much and I have watched him teach both of his parents on how to be better people.

My last thought if it were not for having our children in our lives where would we be?

I honestly can not answer that one. I really do not know.
One more thing.

I posted this on facebook the other day. It's a sneak peak at my next Moda Bake Shop project. It will be up next week just to let you all in on the know.

Shabby  6

Oh, just for the heck of it and because I have seen others roll up their quilts too. I just thought I do this just once. Seriously just this once!


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Collette said...

love a rolled up quilt and it is a good way to store them as less fold marks. x

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