Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, Its Bright!

Oh my shabby butterflies,

I could only wish people could see you for the true colors that you are!

Shabby Butterflies 3

Okay, okay...First off I wanted to thank all of you who stopped by the bake shop yesterday.
 Not to mention all of you who left very wonderful comments.
 Again thank you!

I do however, wanted to address a bit of a comment that said, You should add some more brighter colors.

No, no don't get me wrong I am not going to drag this person through the mud.
After all they did leave a nice comment too.
Plus they are entitled to their opinion!
There is no harm in that.

I have to say that they are partly right.
However, due to the day that I photographed this quilt did not allow me to get the greatest photos to show off all those bright colors that Mary and Barb are known for in their fabric collections.

It was over casted.
I would get only a few spurts of sunshine but it would leave as fast as it came.
It even rained while taking pictures too! Oh, the fun!
Needless to say it was a crappy day and week to take photos.

But enough of excuses!

Like my daughter's first grade teacher would say to the kids: You get what you get. So don't throw a fit!
I would also add to it; Do best of what you all ready have and be happy with it!

Shabby Butterlies 5

I will admit that when I chose the background color it did pop out very brightly on my computer screen.
Matter of fact I thought the colors were pink and green.
Oh, how cute! Right?!
What a whole different story when I opened up my package from Moda and saw that it was actually orange and green.
Still bright though!
Even in these photos it looks pink and green.
Oh well, what are you going to do?

Except to wish that you all can see this quilt in all of its brightness.


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Dilla said...

coming over from Moda Bake Shop. Love your butterfly quilt :) Thanks for the tut.

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