Monday, April 16, 2012


subway breakfast 2

I got up this morning and said to myself this is it you need to do something about this weight.

Actually I have been saying that to myself for the last six years.

So after sending my daughter off to school I changed into some old gym clothes. Then I locked up the house and headed out the door.

Yes, I walked to where I needed to go.

That is one thing that I do love about living in town.

Everything is with in walking distance.

Today I needed to go to the ATM to get some money for my daughter.

So I walked my way to the ATM.

The nice thing about not having a car and walking up to the ATM is that I could actually reach everything. Plus I was not waisting gas either. But the big F-250 waiting on me to finish up well, at least I got in and out there quicker then they expected.

I figured that I really did not want to cook breakfast for myself this morning plus I needed to break the twenty that I just got out of the bank too. Daughter needs the rest of the money for field trip, school dance and lunch money.

Now there are only two breakfast selections here in town. McDonald's or Subway.

Of course Subway...that's a no brainer!

I gave my order and the gal behind the counter said if you buy one you get one free. Okay we all know that next day Subway is not so hot. But since I do love breakfast over any other meal I will save the other half for lunch. That I have done by the way.

Then I walked back home to go about the rest of my day.

Okay where is the goal in this tall tale?

All right every New Years since 2007 I have set goals for myself not resolutions but goals.

I do not tell anybody about them for fear that I may not make that goal that year and will not hear the end of it.

The first goal that I actually set for myself back in 2007 was to attend church every Sunday for a year. It was the only goal that I set for myself that year too and I completed it.

2008 came around and I really had nothing. My husband said to me that year..."Find a hobby!" So I bought a sewing machine that I barely touched cause I worked 10 hour shifts and by the time the weekend came I was beat tired to touch it. It was not until late 2008 right after Thanksgiving that I and 15 others were relieved from our jobs. It believe it or not was a blessing in disguise.

2009 Started to find a job, loose weight, and buy a house. The only goal that year was that we bought a house.

2010 Loose weight, find a job, get over depression, learn how to sew. Oh, and it did not help that 20 something step daughter moved in either. Making this house a hostile environment. I only learned how to sew that year and I started my blog that year too.

2011 Gave up on finding a job. Hoped for my true calling. Still needed to loose weight. Was succeeding in sewing, took up quilting. Wanted to be like the other big popular kids in blogland. Become a Moda Bake Shop Chef.  Blog was succeeding and became a bake shop chef. Yes, I felt like I found my calling in becoming a quilt designer. Who would have thought?!

2012 Loose weight, become a better designer, over haul blog, go to one account for everything, become a better writer, buy an EQ7, make some thing that will get excepted into publication and hopefully a few more. Get daughter's room organized, buy new clothes, get the ball rolling alright! Most of all keep being motivated!

Its only a quarter of the year and I have met a few of my goals all ready. I as all of you know over hauled the blog, I want it to be more me not scared of what people out there on the internet will think of me, me! Yes, I have insecurities, but don't we all? I am on one account for everything (blog and email), trying like heck to become a better writer (blog and patterns) and I bought an EQ7.

So now that the weather is warming up I want to get out there and start walking daily if I can. If I cannot I have a yoga set that I bought when I got married and only used once. Sigh... I know its sad but I battle with exercising. I honestly do not like it. Nonetheless, I am like most women who hit the age of 30 and their metabolism stopped. It gets me in some ways to see women who have four kids and are skinny as a rail. However, I am sure those four kids keep that gal very active and on their toes. Its always been a battle for me over the past six years with my weight and exercise. 

I have been noticing it more that I rather prefer to set in front of a computer, eat unhealthy, and not be active in my life. I can tell you all that before I met my husband I was the opposite of who I am today. I, in case you want really want to know went from a size four/six to a size 16/18. Yeah that's a lot on a five foot frame. What is eating me the most are the comments that people say, and the references. Not to mention when I tried to ride my bike last week to the post office my heart felt like it was going to explode. 

I have mentioned this many times to my husband and it seemed like he did not have a care or concern until I started to get chest pains over the winter. Yeah omg 33 and chest pains! That is when he started changing things in his way of living and so have I.

One stop stressing me out.
Two yes, the diet has changed.
Three standing up for myself against manipulating people (my husband family is full of em)
Four start exercising and stick with it. Even if it is just a short walk to the gas station or ATM.
Five, I wish there was a five but its time to get away from this computer. Hope you can understand.


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Quilting in Seattle said...

Great job girl! You can do it! I know exactly what you are dealing with...

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