Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wright's Double Fold Bias Tape Binding Tutorial

Wright's Double Fold Binding Tutorial

1. Choose the color of choice you want to use and measure to the correct size of your current project.

wrights 1

2. Open the fold of the bias binding with your iron.

wrights 2

3. Open one side of the bias binding with your iron and leave the other side as is.

wrights 3

4. Take your open end that you ironed open and place/pin it to the edge of your project.

wrights 4

5. Sew on bias binding at 1/4 of an inch from the edge. Remove pins as you go.

wrights 5

6. This is what you should have so far.

wrights 6

7. Flip your project over. Start turning over your bias binding and pin.

wrights 7

8. Stitch along the bottom edge of the bias binging. You can also option out for hand stitching too!

wrights 8

9. This is your finished over all look!

wrights 9

I will admit that Wright's Double Fold Bias Tape Binding gives a project a nice clean look. However, because it is so thin and stiff that it does not allow a lot of movement room compared to making your own bias binding. On the contrary I do recommend trying it out.

*This tutorial will also work on other sizes of Wright's Double Fold Bias Tape Binding.


the Liveaboard Wife said...

Thank you : )

Patricia said...

I'm confused, why not sandwich the fabric between the bias tape?

Jennifer said...

You can sandwich it. I personally had a heck of a time trying to sandwich it. I find that it slips right out or my stitching never makes it to where it should be. Basically with this tutorial I am using the typical binding method that is done in quilting to insure that everything stays where it should stay if that makes any sense.

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