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Reusable Book Cover Tutorial

Book Cover Tutorial

Around Christmas time my daughter wanted to gift something for my youngest niece. She wanted a book cover to be permeate on a notebook but I convinced her that if she made it so that the cover could be reusable her cousin could get more usage out of the cover. With my daughter's cover gave me the inspiration to make this cover. This cover is simple, fast, and easy to make. It will also take a few of us down memory lane of how to cover this on a book or note book. What I also like about it is that it is made to fit most notebooks or books.

What you will need:

2-Fat quarters
1 light weight one sided fusible interfacing
Coordinating thread.

*All seams are ¼ of an in, unless stated other wise!

To Begin:

·        Open and iron your fat quarters 
·        Measure and cut the interfacing to the size of the fat quarters. Should be 22in x 18in
·        Iron your fat quarter (wrong side) to the fusible side of the interfacing
·        Once interfacing and material is ironed or fused together, place right side of the fabric to the right side of your second fat quarter. Line up of the fat quarters together so that they are equally the same.
·        Start stitching on the outer edges of the fat quarters. Leave a 2 inch opening and remember to back stitch you start and finish.
·        Once you finish stitching all around the fat quarter, clip the corners.
·        Open the 2 inch opening; turn the cover out by pulling ever so gently.
·        Take a pointed but blunt stick to push out the corners of the cover. Also remember to stitch the 2 inch opening close. You can hand stitch or machine stitch the closure.

Fitting the Cover to the Notebook:

Now I had said that this cover would take most of us back to memory lane. Well, I am sure that in one point in our lives we all had to cover our school books with a paper grocery bag. That was the main inspiration of why this cover is so simple and reusable. For those of you who have never covered your school books before here is how:

cover 19

· Lay you cover on a flat surface with the main side facing down.
· Fold over the longer ends (top and bottom) of the cover on both sides to the size of the notebook. 
· Fold over the ends of the cover to the size of the notebook. (Leave a little wiggle room for it to move in and out)

cover 20

· Slip the notebook into the flaps of the cover
· Secure the cover by placing clips or bobby pins. I personally prefer the clips. I can place an ink pen on the clip tab and the clips can also hold small pieces of loose paper.

Now you can go as fancy as you want by using scrap fabrics in to strips, embellish it with appliqué, or leave it plain like I have done. It’s all up to you. The basic format is here for you to use and to play off of. Have fun!

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Bettyjo Oliver said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I appreciate you putting time into it. I have been wanting to make some book covers. This will be my first.

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