Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Only Seems Fitting

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To make changes for the better!

I am not the type of person that takes too many big changes all at once to well. A lot has happened this past month that if I told you, you would not even believe it. On the flip side there are so many good things that have happened in this past month that it makes me giddy!

Even though I have had much to say this past month due to being tied up behind a quilt which by the way I thought for a moment there it was going to consume me all together. But alas I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is still hope for me yet! However, as I finish one major project I have to finish another right behind the first one. I was hoping for a little bit more time but Mother Nature had her own plan for an early spring. Yeah, I know it’s kind of to the point of wanting to slap my hands on my cheeks and scream like the Home Alone kid. Okay it’s not all that bad as I make it sound. I guess I am more taken back that the bush in the back yard has all ready bloomed and I really wanted to use it as a back drop in my photos for the all ready mentioned next major project.

Despite all of the “whoa me’s” I do have an enlightening tale to tell. No, it’s more like an epidemic than a tale. Okay it’s just both! I simply call it the Hank Hill effect!

Every spring when the first lawnmower starts up in our neighborhood another person has to mow their lawn the moment they hear the roar of the other’s engine. Then one by one another mower engine starts, and then another and so on until everyone in our neighborhood has their lawn mowed. Let me tell ya it cracks me up to no end! Cause usually I am the first one in our neighborhood to start mowing the lawn. Then the next thing I know, well you get it. It’s not something that I do on purpose. It’s just our yard really needs to be done. Anyway it has all ready happened this season. On the exception of our house to have the yard work done yet. Do to all the rain we have had so far it will be a while before we will be getting to do any yard work. Our property takes a long time to dry out. Reason being is that we have a lot of low lying areas with lots of shade trees. At least I can say that our yard will not be brown and wilted by August like everyone else’s.  

 Anyway with the change of spring in full swing it would not be a more fitting time to change the blog over and to start a new branding for myself. I am glad to be shed of Gable House Sewing. You don’t know nor realize how much I appreciate that blog! As I was going through the posts of the last year and a half of what I wrote over there a lot has me cringing and so many of them had me smiling. What made me cringe was see myself not being comfortable writing on the internet. Not to mention worrying about what other might think of me, worrying that I will receive hate mail, worrying that some one is lurking at my kids in the wrong way. Not to mention a bunch of insecure stuff that you would assume to be a really foul attitude or some one who is bitter. Yep, it’s a bit embarrassing! What made me smile though is watching myself grow as a person, a quilter and newly a designer. You have to realize that I have been around sewing in some form all of my life but I really had no interest in it. You honestly could not get me near it. To say the least I am still learning to be a better quilter and growing into being a designer.

*Sigh!* Lord help me!  Because I am going to need it!

Here is a cheer to new beginnings, fresh starts, and leaving the past behind!

Thank you everyone and I hope you all understand the need for the change.


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